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Comparative Analysis of Protein Domain Organization

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Short introduction: CADO is a web server that allows users to visualize the protein domain organization in a given organism and compare domain organizations among different organisms. In the language of CADO, the organization of protein domains in a given organism is shown as a domain graph (demon) in which protein domains are represented as vertices and domain combinations, i.e. instances of two domains found in one protein, are represented as edges. CADO provides a simple way to study the function of domains based on their relations shown in the topology of domain graph, and a new way to analyze and compare whole proteomes in terms of domain organization (demon).
Database: New! CADO has a built-in database of protein domain predictions of 311 (including 24 archaeal, 259 bacterial and 28 eukaryotic) genomes. [Genome list] [Domain list]
Citation: Genome Research, 14:343-353, 2004 [Supplementary material to the paper]

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