The main goal of the Joint Center for Molecular Modeling (JCMM) is to significantly improve the accuracy of models for remote homologs of known structures by exploring recent breakthroughs in protein comparative sequence analysis and structure comparison. JCMM consist of a computational core, implementing the newly developed algorithms and conducting the high throughput modeling calculations and scientific projects designing and testing new approaches.

JCMM Projects

  • Further development of FATCAT and POSA algorithms and the development of novel pairwise and multiple protein structure alignments.

  • TOPS++FATCAT : fast flexible structural alignment using constraints derived from TOPS+ Strings Model

  • Protein structure dissection and its application in protein structure modeling - ProtMod.

  • Protein model evaluation and refinement by integrating energy based scoring with new methods.


    JCMM is funded by the grant P20 GM076221 from National Institute of General Medical Sciences, National Institute of Health, and is a part of Protein Structure Initiative, a broad effort aimed at dramatically reducing the costs and lessening the time it takes to determine a three-dimensional protein structure. You can find more information on PSI at